2016 LEGO Camps

Build with the best!

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Live2Build Programs are geared for the thinker, the innovator, the curious, the persister, the explorer, the experimenter, the dreamer.

Building awesome every day.

Why is Live2Build LEGO Camp different from other camps?

Live2Build was the very first, LEGO set building camp in the WORLD.

Our inventory of LEGO Sets is unrivaled: over 2000 LEGO Sets. Our inventory also includes hundreds of thousands of LEGO elements (pieces) that are just for free build.

Building with LEGO gives kids, and adults, a feeling of pride and accomplishment. We believe it is important for every child to have that experience growing up.


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Do the math

...it's awesome

We have over 2000 LEGO Sets!
If you built ten LEGO sets a day at camp, you could attend for 30 weeks and still not build the same set twice!